Family Festival

On July 15, 2012 the Harmony of Culture Foundation in a partnership with the local government of  Stara Kamienica started Karkonoski Family Festival. The project is co-financed by Operating Progamme, Citizens Initiative Fund.
It is directed at families (parents and children) from the city Jelenia Góra and the surrounding district.
The main aim of the project is supporting family development (evolution?!) and integrity by:
– creating proper family life patterns and attitudes
– shaping of positive self-image
– making parents aware of their role in the process of their children’s up-bringing
– building and maintaining family bonds.

Taking part in the project will give the families a chance to spend time together in an interesting and unusual way. It will let the parents to better learn themselves and their roles in the family. It will teach them how to communicate with children and how to solve inner conflicts. This knowledge will guarantee tightening bonds in the family and facilitate building better relationships within it.

Within the project the following events will be organized:

26.08.2012 – Family Summer Festival - an open-air event organized in the Mediaeval Village  Kopaniec. We invite all willing persons with families and friends. Workshops with plenty attractions and great fun for children and parents will be organized during the festival:

– mediaeval workshop – will let you know the everyday life, games and amusement from times long past. On this day you will get the chance to visit recreations of houses of various mediaeval craftspersons.
– circus workshop – great fun for children taught by a professional clown (joggling, big bubbles, balloon animals and so on.,,)
– style and visage workshops – professional cosmetologist will teach good make-up practices, help with proper cosmetics and color choices, will show the make-up tricks,
– clay and mosaic workshops for persons looking for relax and do something creative.

Academy for Mommy
Three on-day trainings for women who are mummies or getting ready to become.

“Art of communication: Mummy and me”
At the workshop mommies will find out how to communicate with her child. How to listen to the child? How should she talk and answer its needs? During playtime and games mommies will learn basic rules of  effective communication with the child.
“To be a mommy – Who am I as a mommy? How do I change? The participant will get a chance to look at what the child has developed and learned from a different perspective . She will stay for a while with herself and other mommies, will find out her potential. The meeting will give a chance for a short reflection on maternity.

At the workshop the participant  will work on how to effectively support her child basing on her potential and conclusions from earlier meetings. We will go deep into the problem of how to meet the child’s  development needs and how to help it to get ready to become independent.
We will make a plan how to use the time you spend together to build a bond between mom and her child.

Academy for Daddy
Three one-day trainings for men who are daddies or getting ready to become.

“Art of communication: Daddy and me”
At the workshop daddy will find out how to communicate with his child. How to listen to the child? How should he talk and answer its needs? What’s the difference between communication on the line of mommy – child  and  daddy – child. Is there any?

“Daddy, what do we play?”
During the training daddy will find out interesting and creative ideas for playing with his child.

“7 secrets of effective fatherhood”
During the training you will have a chance to:
–  get analyzed your situation as a father (your strengths and weaknesses)
–  share your joys and worries
–  discover secrets – good practices of dad and child relations
–  find out practical methods of dad’s plan building and how to be an effective dad on each stage of your child’s up evolution

December 9, 2012 Family Christmas Festival
An open event for the project’s participating families, their friends and guests.
During the festival following the workshops are scheduled:
–  gingerbread cookies’ decorating
–  Christmas tree ornaments and postcard making
– cooking of traditional Christmas Eve dishes
–  play-time and carols singing

All events and workshops are going to be held in Kopaniec – in Medieval Village Kopaniec and in the agro-tourist Farma 69. In this place you will find silence and a chance to focus on your work.
All activities will be led by experienced coaches. They will encourage you to act, exchange experiences and take some time for a short reflection. Training materials, beverages and food are inclusive.

Participation is free for citizens of the of Jelenia Góra and its administrative districts.
If you want to take part in our project please fill in the form and send it by post or e-mail.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contacts us: or mobile: 501 411 299, Fundacja Harmonia Kultury, Kopaniec 69, 58-512 Stara Kamienica.

Robert Jaworski, Opole University Graduate, Specialization: Education Therapy and Jobs Advisory.  He has been organizing training courses for 7 years and running different projects financed by EU funds for 10 years. He graduated specialized training for coaches co-organized by MATRIK the Coaches and Consultants Association in Krakow, the German VOSS + PARTNER Institute fur Beratung + Training in Wirschaft and Adam Mickiewicz Institute. He have been running BRAS since 2006.

Robert Jaworski, I am a creator of Active Parent Academy. I have been running Educational Coaching since 2007. Education, pedagogics, working with people and creating my micro-environment by professional activity are my passions. I love working with children. They are always full of ideas, inspiration and humility. My everyday job is focused on families – preparing and running trainings, advising, coaching and supporting.

Anna Rutkowska, social skills coach, educator, arte-therapeutist. She runs her own Personal Development Studio. She educates parents, teachers and herself. In free time she reads books, cooks. She is a mother of an active and challenging 4-year-old boy.

Joanna Wrońska, mother of 2 pre-school children. She bakes bread and rides a bicycle as often as possible. She is a social skills coach, she has been co-working with Komeński Foundation for Children Development and many other non-government institutions for many years. She is a sociologist. Her passion is introduction of social changes in the field of development and education of small children. She animates new activities for children and families in local society. She works in Montessori Pre-School.

Michał Wroński, I am a psychologist and coach. I have been educating children for 10 years.
I organize trainings and consultations for parents and teachers, trying to change standards of the pre-school education. I focus on conscious fatherhood. I co-operate with, I run workshops for fathers wanting to bring-up their children better and better.