Ecological Studio

Unconventional, unpopular, but not forgotten. Ecological architecture might just revolutionize the world!
It’s not just about aesthetics, economics or saving energy, natural houses are part of the change that awaits us. They’re responsible investments and a place, where a positive atmosphere and energy intertwine with the body, soul and mind.
Building out of local materials (mostly clay, straw, hemp and wood) with the help of friends and volunteers could bring satisfaction, joy and a feeling of community coming from acting with accordance to the needs of nature.
An ecological house, that we hope to build this summer, will serve as a studio for artists – refugees from the clamoring of the city, rented for a few weeks for inspiration as much as recreation. It will serve as proof and model of good, cheap and durable housing.
Technology which is used in bioarchitecture is not only simple but also needs less energy to maintain. Its indubitable advantage is the availability of production materials. Basic building materials like clay or wood can become the subject of local trade and barter exchange. Stones from fields, also commonly used for the construction of ecological houses, used to be a pain in the neck of farmers trying to plow their land. Why not help each other? The farmer will be pleased that the field has been cleared of boulders. The eco-home constructor, in turn, will benefit from building material. Both sides will take part in the symbolic (except for the obvious- practical) exchange, which will mean for them and for the local community a lot more than just “a favor for a favor”.
At the base of the idea of ​​”Eco-Home Studio” lies building of human relationships with nature. In the house of clay and straw one can lead a symbiotic life like that. Inside there is a favorable microclimate, and it is all thanks to the high capacity to absorb and emit water vapor through the use of natural materials for its construction. The house “breathes”, thus providing its residents with life-giving power – strength, which is so urgently needed in order to change the world for the better.