Eco-Art Creatarium

Eco-Art Creatarium project was created in order to support the existence of a creative community based on the idea of unearthing the potential that slumbers within all of us. Cultural harmony is the ultimate goal of the tasks performed by our foundation. We develop our grassroots activities to contribute to the finer cooperation within our community, and to allow the villagers recognise their own impact. We want our neighbors, families and communities to become an active part of the changes that are taking place in the Polish countryside. In this project, special attention is devoted to young people in the context of fair and equal opportunities for self-realization and development. Workshops organized by the Foundation will help young people to discover the potential that lies within them and contribute to the development of talent and imagination in preparation to taking the role of an active citizen within society.

Recurrent workshop and classes taking place in the summer of every year not only will help with extra curricular education in the Jizera Foothills. It will be a creative way to spend free time for youths and adults alike, bringing inspiration and will for further engagement in cultural activities of the local society.
We are certain that supporting the passions, talents and interests of teenagers in rural areas will help in developing creative and unique individuals, people with greater self-confidence and useful abilities that will greatly enhance local civil activity.