Permaculture Design Course

Our very first PDC with Europe’s leading teacher Richard Perkins organized in the Roots&Roofs Farm, a future model for self-regenerating habitat!


Garden of Hope

The purpose of the project is not only self-sufficiency for basic foodstaff, but guarantee of their quality and usefulness in the kitchen and natural medicine.

Projekt w trakcie

Graffiti Workshops

Paint4Chill crew in cooperation with Harmony of Culture Foundation invite applicants for the graffiti workshops. On classes lasting 3 days, apprentices will learn the foundations of graffiti culture, develop own, unique style and will learn how to create individual work

Graffiti by NIKT

Family Academy

The main aim of the project is supporting family development and integrity by creating proper family life patterns and attitudes, shaping of positive self-image, making parents aware of their role in the process of their children’s up-bringing and building and maintaining family bonds.

Aktywny Festiwal Rodziny

Eco-Art Creatarium

We give young people the opportunity to express their own creativity in the mission of changing the community for the better. We are destroying the old, rigid dogmas, apathy and lack of unity with vision and collaborative work for a colorful, complete, creative world and harmonious life.

Fire Show