The triskele (three conjoined spirals in the logo of our foundation) represent the harmony of three elements that constantly, jointly and simultaneously are present in our lives and our world.

The masters of pre-Slavic and pre-Celtic cults, the lamas of Tibet or the shamans of the Americas, Asia and Africa have for thousands of years taught something very natural – the harmony of soul, body and mind, oneness with the universe. The constant mingling with nature made possible the feeling of harmony between the human and the Universe, but also of the human with himself.

The Harmony of Culture Foundation strives to create a place conducive to spiritual searching and aspirations. The philosophy of Ayurveda explains what we can do, to fill the inner void, return to our roots and heal the soul to achieve the true health. It’s more than the absence of disease – health is complete physical, mental and communal well-being. It’s also the feeling of joy, fulfillment and the consciousness of being in harmony with the surrounding world. Ayurveda is about keeping the harmony in eating, behavior, biological rhythm, the environment and thoughts.

After beginning the search for greater spirituality, we realize that reality is not given, but it is a possibility that we can control and mold [citation needed]. Our society has not taught us to be a capable creators of reality, and therein lies the problem. Instead, we have been taught to accept our status as prisoners. We need to cease our support for a system that limits our ability for self-realization and the achievement of spiritual freedom. Humanity entered an era of a greater spiritual evolution. That’s why it’s not worth to give up from the road that leads to finding unending peace and happiness.

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