“Villages are and have been the place where culture is born” Bogdan Oś

One of the main goals of the foundation is the integration of local societies to further cooperation, exchange experiences and services. The assumption is simple:

If we will fulfill our basic needs on a local level, then we will not only save time and energy, but we’ll also contribute to solving the ecological and economical problems of our planet. What we propose to begin the long road toward self-sustainability is a frequently updated map of artisan and craft services, home made and farming products in Kopaniec and the Jizera Foothills.

Cooperating in creating and selling goods and services will give a unique boon to the local community – trust, satisfaction and an authentic communal spirit.

Our leader and guide on this road to LOCAL RESILIENCE is the farmer, writer and activist Sir Julian Rose. In his book “Changing Course for Life-Local Solutions to Global Problems” (http://www.changingcourseforlife.info) he suggest a local, holistic solutions to global socioeconomic problems. He writes, that the direct objective of these changes is the transformation of local and regional centers of power in the broad public supported centers of resistance against the negative trend, and which at the same time can be a fountainhead where positive models for change are being created.

At the same time he warns us that, “continual acceptance of increasingly stringent restrictions imposed on our civil liberties and human aspirations ultimately leads to the internal chaos and weakness, which in turn makes us cannon fodder for the increasingly pervasive encroachments of big corporations and the apologists of the existing order. There is now nothing more important than to recover those forms of control and to focus our energy on ensuring a successful future for the more self-governing communities of the “human scale” around the world. Each of us can lead everyday, thoughtful efforts to this end, the more ambitious ones will come soon. When the wave gains momentum, the results of these activities will see the light of day and the process of change will accelerate. We just need to get started and keep going. “