All changes Begin with consciousness. From convincing oneself to something new, that slowly influences every aspect of our lives, from inner values to outer actions, which result in newly acquired consciousness. We are therefore able to incessantly influence our reality through learning and expanding the consciousness.

>Think globally, Act locally< can be applied to oneself as well.
“Global education is an education that open eyes and minds to the reality; it raises awareness about the need to create a world in which there will be more justice, equality and human rights will be respected” ( 
The way we see the world reflects our state of knowledge about it. Educating about local and global dependencies creates a legitimate perspective that leads to personal and civil commitment – dedication to build a better and fairer world.
That is why we want to combine the skills, talents and expertise of some with the educational needs of others. We want to organize workshops and skills exchange meetings, teaching not only creative thinking and peace of mind but also ablities that are valuable and helpful in life. And all this after the creation of the local culture of cooperation and unity.