Mission of the Foundation

One of the main aims of the foundation is the integration of the local community based on cooperation and exchange of experiences and services. By promoting the local economy and applying the principles of permaculture we want to achieve sustainable local resource management, local self-reliance and the harmonious relationship between us and the environment. Connect with us and be the part of the global paradigm shift!


  • Family Festival at the Kopaniec Medieval Village
    Come visit the Family Festival at the Kopaniec Medieval Village on June 30! The event marks the start of our "Family Academy" series of workshops and training sessions
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    Visit our picturesque village in the Izery Mountains, take part in art workshops and feel the magic of the Middle Ages!
    Head off on an adventure to a replica of the 13th-century medieval village of Kopaniec where you will be immersed in the crafts and customs of days long gone by
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    Get into the swing of things and enjoy life out in the country at Farm no. 69



Medieval Village